Plan your loyalty program

Decide how much to charge for your loyalty program membership.  Annual membership fees can range from $100-$150 per patient.  You also need to decide the discount structure for members.   Many dentists offer discounts from anywhere between 10%-30% to loyalty program members.   Our experts at Loyalty.Dental can assist you in planning your membership fee and discount structure.

Create your Loyalty.Dental account

Create a Loyalty.Dental account and set up your loyalty program.   Regardless of whether you have one or multiple locations, Loyalty.Dental will guide you through the process.  Answer a few questions and complete the set up in a few minutes.

Advertise your loyalty program

Use our pre-designed marketing collateral to broadcast to uninsured patients that your loyalty program is now available.   Advertise the program to new and old uninsured patients when you present the treatment plan following an oral exam and/or cleaning.  Show them how much they can save by signing up.  

Enroll patients in your loyalty program

Enrolling a new patient is quick and easy on Loyalty.Dental.  Fill in a few details and then process their credit card payment through Loyalty.Dental.  We take care of credit card processing fees.   Loyalty.Dental tracks and manages membership details.  On future visits, quickly look up and check if their membership is current or expired.

Fulfill your promise of saving members money

Bill members at the promised discounted rates on their future visits.  Use Loyalty.Dental to track their savings on every visit.  Let them know how much they saved with an automated email.

Auto renew loyalty program membership

Loyalty.Dental automatically renews membership for patients that have given their consent to auto renew.   Other members receive renewal reminder emails so they can renew online.  

Promote word-of-mouth advertising

Encourage members to refer friends and family to your loyalty program.  Create incentives and rewards for referrals   Use Loyalty.Dental to keep track of new patient referrals and track rewards given to referring patients.  Such proactive word-of-mouth marketing attracts more uninsured patients to your practice.