A membership program for patients that don't have dental insurance

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What's in it for dentists?

Attract new patients that do not have dental insurance.  Retain current patients who have lost their dental insurance and are likely to defect.

What is it?

Patients without dental insurance pay an annual membership fee and in return you provide treatment at a discounted rate.   You are 100% in control.  You decide and set the annual membership fee and discount structure for members.

What's in it for patients?

Patients get quality care at an affordable price. A few visits in a year can add up to substantial savings.

How do we help?

We provide the platform, tools and technology to set up and manage your membership program.

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How It Works


Decide on the membership fee and discount structure. Use our examples and guidelines as a starting point.  Set up the program with a few clicks.


Use our marketing templates to educate patients about your program. Use online and offline channels to spread the word. Set up your membership portal with a few clicks.


Process payment information securely, enroll members and track membership status on our platform. Enroll individuals and/or multiple family members.


Bill members at the promised discounted rate for treatment on every visit. Show them how much they saved by being a member.

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Multiple Locations

Manage for a single location or multiple locations

Whether operating out of a single location or multiple locations, manage your program easily on our platform. Track and manage enrollments by location.

Individuals and Families

Works for individuals as well as families

Enroll individuals or multiple family members and track their membership status as a group. Optionally set a different membership fee for adults and minors.

Membership Portal

Member self-enrollment and renewal

Create a link from your website to the 'membership portal'. Patients can self-enroll, manage payment information and renew their membership from this portal.


Graphs and reports

The dashboard provides crucial information at your fingertips. Review your progress daily on enrollments, fees received, renewals, active members, expired memberships and other metrics.  Easily compare across locations, months and years.


Easily migrate from your current platform

Do you currently have a membership program on some other platform? If you are looking to change, we can help you migrate to our platform (and its free for one year).

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Depending on your status, we charge a percentage of your loyalty program membership fee.

(Applies only after your first free year)

You have processed more than USD $20,000 in membership fees
You are a Gold member and at least one of your referrals is a Gold member
You have processed more than USD $10,000 in membership fees
You are a Silver member and at least one of your referrals is a Silver member
You have processed more than USD $5,000 in membership fees
You have processed less than USD $5,000 in membership fees

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Frequently Asked Questions

No.  This is NOT an insurance.  It is a way for patients without insurance to receive treatment at a discounted rate by paying an annual membership fee.  You set the membership fee and discount rate structure.

When a patient decides to become a member, you create a patient record on our platform (with details such as name, email address, etc.).  You then take the patient's credit card information and process the membership fee on our platform.  Our platform keeps track of the patient's membership status.   When the patient visits for treatment, you look up their membership status and provide treatment at the discounted member rate.   Patients can also self-enroll or renew their membership through the 'membership portal' on our platform.  You can create a direct link to this portal from your website.

You can terminate the program at any time you want.  Just stop enrolling new patients in the program.  Turn off the auto renew option for members and delete the membership portal link from your website.

You are 100% in control of your program.  Our job is to provide a platform and the necessary tools to set up and manage your program.  You decide what your annual membership fee will be, what kind of discounts you want to give to members and any other aspect of the program.  Since you are completely in control, you are free to change any aspect of your program at any time.  

You can create unlimited user accounts to manage your program.  If you have multiple locations, you can create separate user accounts for employees at each location.  Typically, the owner or dentist or office manager has access to an 'administration' account.  You can create additional user accounts, one for every employee that is responsible for enrolling members.

After the first free trial year you will know if the program helped in attracting new patients (who don't have dental insurance) and retain them.  You can also check if your production number from members are up or down.   We have removed all barriers for you to try this for a year.  Our hope is that you benefit from the program in your first free year and decide to continue thereafter.

No.  Not at all.  We charge you a % of the annual membership fee that you receive from patients.   That's all.  When members visit and pay for their treatment, you keep 100% of those treatment charges.

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